Deluxe No-Pull Harness

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Introducing the Deluxe No-Pull Harness from RubyPet. Made from the highest quality materials. Designed for maximum comfort and confident control. The Deluxe Harness is so comfortable, your dog is going to want to wear it all the time. The inner layer is made from a specially designed air mesh fabric which allows air flow over your dog's skin. The material is soft yet durable. All four straps are adjustable to achieve the perfect fit. Does your dog get a little over-excited when out for a walk? Does it pull on its leash, or try to jump on other people? The Deluxe Harness can help. The harness features a large grab handle on the back, allowing complete and precise control over your dog when you need it. There are two leash attachment points: one on the front of the chest panel and one in the middle of the back panel. By hooking your leash to the front of the harness, you get improved control over a dog that likes to pull on the leash. When it pulls, the force is directed to its side rather than straight back. This forces your dog to turn, thereby disrupting its pulling and making it easier for you to regain control.
  • Neck: 30-38cm
  • Girth: 35-60cm
  • Neck: 34-47cm
  • Girth: 43-72cm
  • Neck: 38-56cm
  • Girth: 46-84cm
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$34.99 - $44.99
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Two attachment points for a leash allowing you to choose the method which suits you and your dog.
  • Large clips make the harness easy to put on and take off.
  • All four straps are adjustable.

4 reviews for Deluxe No-Pull Harness

kate on 14th of July, 2022.

Thank you for a very quick delivery. The harness fits perfectly on my Tenterfield Terrier. Quality and workmanship are excellent. This is a very good value for money product.

RubyPet on 15th of July, 2022.

Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Kate. :)

Theresa Springett on 23rd of June, 2021.

Very happy with the Deluxe No -Pull harness I received. Good quality,and the fit is nice on my Dog. Would highly recommend getting this harness if you have a strong dog that likes to pull on walks.

RubyPet on 23rd of June, 2021.

Hi Theresa, Thanks for your review. We’re so happy that you liked our harnesses. Thanks for choose us.

Christin mueller on 24th of February, 2021.

Nice design, good quality, true to post description, made strong and comvertable for dog.

RubyPet on 24th of February, 2021.

Hi, Christin. Thanks for your review. We’re happy to hear that you like the harness. Much appreciated.

Jacqui Baker on 11th of August, 2020.

High quality materials on this harness, love the fit as well as the look of the product, especially the fact that it’s reflective. Great for dusk walks. Extremely happy with the quality as well as the service from RubyPet-quick response and delivery sooner than expected. Highly recommended

RubyPet on 16th of August, 2020.

Hi, Jacqui. Thanks for your review. We’re happy that you liked the harness.

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